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In an era of uncertainty, the ability to think dynamically and avoid getting trapped in infinite loops of thought is more important than ever.

Whether we’re discussing ancient Chinese philosophy, the history of finance, or cutting-edge advances in artificial intelligence, Jim’s passion, experience, and eclectic range of interests, combined with our extensive research into our podcast guests, always result in surprising conversations which substantively engage with our guests’ ideas.

Our aim: To equip you with the tools required to navigate through the Great Reshuffle that we are in.

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About the Host

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Jim O'Shaughnessy

'Loquacious Provocateur’ Jim O’Shaughnessy is the Founder and CEO of O’Shaughnessy Ventures and the Executive Chair of the board of directors at StabilityAI.

Jim is the author of four books on investing, and his book 'What Works on Wall Street' is a BusinessWeek and New York Times Business bestseller. Jim is the former Chairman of the Board of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center and currently serves as the Chairman of the Capital Campaign for CMS.

Jim is married with three children and four grandchildren and lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.