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Deep and Interesting

I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. Always thoughtful and coming at ideas (business / psychology / philosophy) from several angles.

Zoom zoom

Jim is an honorary zoomer

Jim is a boomer but....

I love his energy and interview-style. Just makes me happy listening to his interviews because of how happy he sounds. Really infectious. Oh and the content is great too. Ok boomer!!

How does this not have more 5 star ratings?

I can’t believe I just discovered this. It’s awesome! Hope Patrick Oshag’s podcast can feature an ad to get the word out about this one. Keep it up!

Virus Complacency

Having enjoyed all the amazing, thought provoking content. Could you possibly cover the above subject? As human behaviour recently has been somewhat remarkable. Or maybe not! Please keep them coming! Regards, Nick

Highly recommend! Jamie is great!

Highly recommend for everyone (not for just those with a finance background). I’ve been following Jamie Catherwood’s posts, articles, etc. for the past few years and am not surprised that I love yet another piece of his work.


Jim is a genius, this Podcast will be enlightening and refreshing