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Psychedelics for chronic pain

Loved your interview with Brom! Started a newco developing psychedelic NCEs for chronic pain (Cacti Therapeutics) so especially appreciated the bit about mind/body connection. Big believer in taking a holistic approach and combining healing modalities to optimize outcomes. Personalized and precision medicine takes many forms! Truly enjoyable interview!

Such a gem of a show

Love most of the content and excellent guests. Jim can be a little preachy sometimes but with zero doubt he only means well for the world at large and has a focus on objective truth.

Learning & Knowledge in every Episode

Great show! Jim & his guests teach me something new or a new way to think about the world in each episode. I highly recommend it.

Something a little different

This pod was on a recommended list of PODS to listen to. Let’s just say I’m glad I stumbled onto it. Host is excellent at letting guest speak and brining up a range of topics. Never would of heard about Synthesis School or the SurgiFi if not for this POD

Big ideas & inspiring guests 💥

Infinite Loops has quickly become a favorite in my feed! I'm consistently impressed by the engaging conversations, insightful content, and compelling guests. Jim and Jamie are excellent hosts -- I truly learn something every time I listen!🙌🏻

One of my “go to” podcasts

Fascinating guests, a wide-range of topics, this podcast is a rabbit hole for curious people like me. Thanks for taking the time to create each show and for making the transcripts available. I often go back and read the transcript to pickup the nuance I may have missed upon the first listen. Thank you Jim.

Quickly became my other favorite podcast

I really respect Jim for being an open-minded guy in our field of investment management where sometimes new ideas are shunned. I have learned so much from this podcast! Highly recommend.

Wide Range of Knowledge!

Jim and Jamie do a very good job of keeping the listener active in describing new ways of investing incorporated with expert guests! I like the addition of every day subjects connected with the stock market (history, biology, philosophy, etc.)

Great interviewer, great guests

Perfect mix of listening, asking great questions and letting the guests talk fully, all while subtly and tactfully adding his value. This guy is incredible wise and lively. Excellent podcast.

A Wide Breadth of Experiences

Jim does a great job incorporating his 30+ years of investing experience with his guest’s insights. Fascinating explanation of the “latticework” of investing, which incorporates philosophy, history, biology, and psychology among other subjects.


Couldn’t recommend this podcast enough. Not only a great follow on Twitter, but a truly informative podcast host as well. The insights generated apply not just to investing, but to many other areas of life as well. If you’re looking to start with a single episode, the conversation with Rory Sutherland is magic.

Awesome Podcast!!!!

Jim, host of the Infinite Loops podcast, highlights all aspects of investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Deep and Interesting

I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. Always thoughtful and coming at ideas (business / psychology / philosophy) from several angles.

Zoom zoom

Jim is an honorary zoomer

Jim is a boomer but....

I love his energy and interview-style. Just makes me happy listening to his interviews because of how happy he sounds. Really infectious. Oh and the content is great too. Ok boomer!!

How does this not have more 5 star ratings?

I can’t believe I just discovered this. It’s awesome! Hope Patrick Oshag’s podcast can feature an ad to get the word out about this one. Keep it up!

Virus Complacency

Having enjoyed all the amazing, thought provoking content. Could you possibly cover the above subject? As human behaviour recently has been somewhat remarkable. Or maybe not! Please keep them coming! Regards, Nick

Highly recommend! Jamie is great!

Highly recommend for everyone (not for just those with a finance background). I’ve been following Jamie Catherwood’s posts, articles, etc. for the past few years and am not surprised that I love yet another piece of his work.


Jim is a genius, this Podcast will be enlightening and refreshing