Ep.138 — Investing in Psychedelics w/ Brom Rector

Brom Rector is the founder of Empath Ventures, a VC fund that in invests in early-stage psychedelics startups.

Prior to founding Empath, Brom sent several years as a portfolio manager and quantitative researcher.

Brom joins the show to discuss the current state of the psychedelics industry, the lessons learned founding a VC fund, the differences between psychedelics and cannabis, and a whole lot more.

Important Links:

- Empath Ventures - https://www.empath.vc
- Brom’s LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/bromrector/
- Brom’s Twitter - https://twitter.com/therealbrom
- The Brom Podcast - https://www.brom.fm

Show Notes:
[00:01:13] - Main Podcast
[00:08:08] - How Brom became interested in psychedelic investing
[00:13:10] - Psychedelics and the mental health epidemic
[00:19:44] - Depoliticising psychedelics
[00:19:44] - Empath Ventures’ business model
[00:22:49] - How we can scientifically improve psychedelics
[00:28:55] - The influence of hippie culture
[00:31:31] - A contrarian view on Big Pharma
[00:35:49] - The potential benefits of ibogaine
[00:49:06] - The differences between cannabis and psychedelics
[00:56:11] - Do some people not react to psychedelics?
[00:58:22] - Brom’s thoughts on microdosing
[01:02:03] - Lessons learned from founding a VC company
[01:05:43] - The benefits of Rule 506(c)